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 Seides is an innovative start-up focused on inventing, creating and exploiting breakthrough services and product to support social inclusion, to promote cultural heritage promotion and media content.

The company name and logo has been inspired by the stones used by the Finno-Ugric population to divine the future, in the same way Seides would like not divine the future, but build it with you.

It emphasizes the multicultural and anthropological dimensions of the team, and at the same time the aim to predict and impact the future.

S  Thanks to its multidisciplinary team skills, Seides combines IT advanced competencies and vision (e.g.  Artificial Intelligence and Smart Interaction) with a socio-anthropological perspective focusing on emotional modelling and behavioural analysis of users in order to tailor  human centred solutions.

      Moreover, Seides has developed specific experience and competence in the above-mentioned area. Seides and relies on a proven network of professional and academic consultants that will be involved in the team according with specific project needs, in this way the company is able to define vertical market analysis, service deployment plans and go to market strategies dully taking into account the critical issue like privacy and ethical aspects.



Fake News are now a hot issue in Europe as well as worldwide, particularly referred to Political and Social Challenges. The aim of Fandango ( is to aggregate and verify different typologies of news data, media sources, social media, open data, by usage of data science and big data technologies, to detect fake news and provide a more efficient and verified communication for all European citizens.   The Fandango Project was presented at the European Commission conference “Countering online disinformation” last January.





In every culture foods preparation, way of serving and consumption habits play a central role. Eating is always permeated with meaning and what we eat is a powerful symbol of what we are: our ethnicity, social, cultural, and religious also passes through the food code, one of the most powerful, if not the largest, between the cultural codes.  BREAD project – FI-PPP Project ICT-632868 FI-ADOPT  uses the food culture as a vehicle to promote awareness and cultural integration among immigrants communities and hosting one.  BREAD developed a multilingual knowledge sharing and e-commerce platform fully integrated with a social networks environment to implement foodways  ( market-place & community. 



Senior isolation is becoming a major social problem in western countries. Many elderly people are living in single-resident homes without family or social support. Even in nursing home, residents stay in their private bedrooms lonely without participating social activities. Since social isolation leads to serious consequences maintaining person’s sense of community is very important. The project experiment ( proposes a multimodal sensor based recognition for social activities of daily living, integrated with a domotic system. The sensors monitor the daily activities and emotions of the residents, (speech, noise, and/or visual) and estimates the social relationships of the residents, takes care of the residents who are isolated from the community. Then the system could interact with the residents, reduces their loneliness feelings by forming a good relationship in community. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

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